Use high speed internet without wires

National Wi-Fi is a provider of low cost, high speed, wireless internet access, primarily focused on high-rise residential buildings. We install wireless networks that allow residents to connect to the internet from laptops or desktops from anywhere in their community, all for under $30/month!

Just some of the benefits...

Low Cost

With low costs that beat the prices of cable and DSL, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect high-speed wireless solution through National Wi-Fi.

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High Speed

Network performance will be faster than any service currently offered in the building. The network will have access to a directly wired T1 line, or a faster connection if required.

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All you need is a laptop with a wireless connection. If you’re laptop or PC doesn’t have built-in wireless, you can purchase a wireless card or USB adapter from your local computer store.

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If you want to know how National Wi-Fi can benefit your building or home, please contact us.

The Best Solution

Whether your a residential building manager or a resident, we want to help you find the perfect high-speed wireless solution!

Earn Rewards

At the option of building management, programs can be implemented that will allow staff to earn rewards by introducing residents to National Wi-Fi.


Find answers to some of the common questions people have about National Wi-Fi.